Aug 11 2009


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Health Solutions Technology Pty Limited is a registered Australian company (ABN  43 122 969 368) and has been in operation since December 2006.

Robert Bennett is a man from the land. Brought up in rural Queensland Robert likes nothing better than to get down and dirty on the farm. As a youth Robert did a stint of bull-riding – and ended up with multiple fractures , broken bones and severe bruising in the process.

He took the full brunt of a steer to his foot smashing multiple bones in the process, commencing a long healing processs.

By Robert’s own admission he was “a mess”.   In 1999 Robert suffered a workplace accident and was severely electrocuted. The damaage was neurological and resulted in a rapid deterioration of Robert’s health – to the point where doctors delivered their prognosis … Nothing more could be done to help. He was told to go home and “accept his condition”

In 2004 after experiencing chronic back pain for most of his life  Robert was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease. Life on the land also contributed to painful arthritis.

Not content to simply give up and resign himself to the fact that he would never be able to go back to the life he had before Scheurmann’s disease took hold, Robert (now unable to work due to this dibilitating back condtion), threw himself into exhausting all alternative health avenues to discover if he could regain the health he once enjoyed.

During the following eighteen months Robert investigated many alternative health therapies. He poured over volumes of research, read countless books and undertook many “therapeutics” in his quest for health. He found his health benefited greatly by taking colloidals, so much so that he now manufactures and distributes colloidals through his online shop at However, his interest became his passion when he researched Magnetic Pulse Therapy and felt the benefits first hand.

Impulse4000 is the result of one man’s quest to regain his own health and in the process launched Robert into the alternative health field. His passion has gone on to touch those who want to (or need to) investigate alternative therapies to assist their own quest for optimal health.

Robert is active in the research and development of alternative health products and has extended the application of his Impulse 4000 Pulsed Magnetic Frequency device to specifically treat horses and greyhounds.

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