Oct 28 2009

How It Works

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Vet-Pulse is a device which emits a pulsating magnetic field that produces a mild pulsed electrical current flow of such short duration that little heat is produced..

When the Vet-Pulse treatment is applied, the electrical current passes through the skin reaching cell level.

The combined magnetic field current and pulsating natural light stimulate inner body cells in a gentle, natural and safe way.

Magnetic therapy stimulates vasodilation which speeds up and eliminates dead cells and toxins, and thereby aids healing. The stimulation assists cells in the production of antibodies and molecules for promoting improved neural control of the immune system.

It is known that oscillating a magnetic field through an electric wire will induce an electric current in the wire.  In a similar fashion, the pulsations of electromagnetic fields by the Vet-Pulse pass completely through the body and activate all of the countless microelectronic circuits in the body on which health and vitality depend, and which are distorted or inhibited by pain and disease.

The loop is positioned over various parts of the body and the electro-magnetic field is pulsed for 2-3 nanoseconds giving the body teh ability/energy to balance itself.

A session takes approximately 20 minutes.

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